In 2013 OU Regent Max Weitzenhoffer and OU President David Boren selected 
Dr. Justin Stolarik to direct the Pride of Oklahoma with the direction to change everything about the band's performance. This has resulted in directly reproducing both music and marching drill from the University of Wisconsin (Dr. Stolarik's former employer), poor instruction during rehearsals, lackluster performance of halftime shows, and lowering the quality of the traditional pre-game performance that all Sooner fans know and love.

This website serves to communicate the dissatisfaction of OU fans, current Pride members, Pride alumni, and OU Alumni with the changes to the Pride.  We are here to support and stand behind the students of the Pride! 
"Restore the Pride" has been a grassroots movement conducted almost entirely through Facebook.  THOUSANDS have joined in the protest and expressed their heartfelt concerns about the new direction of The Pride of Oklahoma.

We are calling for the following actions:

  • Improve rehearsal instruction resulting in creative, high-energy, and relevant halftime shows.
  • Return all qualified students to march on the field during the shows, with as few alternates as is feasible.
  • Restore the pre-game show that Sooner fans know and love, with minimal changes to improve upon the tradition over time.
  • Perform original drill and music that are not direct copies from another marching band's performances.
  • Adopt a style of marching that reflects techniques applicable to music education students.
  • Communicate with the audiences! The university administration should always put the students first, and allow representative leadership to have open dialogue with staff.

Former Pride director opposes new director

Oklahoma Daily


"I am deeply saddened by what has happened to the national respect that Brian (Britt) and I have built over the past 42 years.” 

- Former Pride director Gene Thrailkill

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